Audrey Gaussiran | Ctrl:N

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9 September 2019 12:30
Place des Festivals
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9 September 2019 17:00
Jardins Gamelin
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Choreographer : Audrey Gaussiran

What happens to the choreographic piece if it is imagined and influenced by the audience? The reversal of the traditional spectator role grants an ephemeral artist/creator status to the public and opens dialogue between the choreographer/dancer and citizens. What needs to be articulated through art and movement? The aim of this exchange is for the audience to feel more and more free and bold in their suggestions.

Ctrl:N integrates digital technologies to grow from ephemerality and audience members’ decisions. The spectator, armed with their smartphone, transmits data to the dancer, influencing their movements, dynamics, emotions, etc. Music is also an integral part of the piece and is constantly mutating in response to audience suggestions.

In mixed contemporary flamenca, Audrey Gaussiran is accompanied by Joannie Labelle on percussions and electro. In this quest to democratize art, every sound, every movement is influenced by the audience’s artistic suggestions.

This piece has benefited from a creative residency at studio Ballet Hop, Louise Lapierre Danse, Studio Z and le Conseil des arts de Montréal.


Dancer / Performer : Audrey Gaussiran
Coach/external eye/mentor : Frédérique-Annie Robitaille
Consultant technique: Mario Boucher
Music : Joanie Labelle
Musicians : Joanie Labelle
Acknowledgements : Partenaires: Réseau ArtHist, Zøgma, FQD et le CRCS
St-Zotique, RAPPEL, centre SCAMA, Les Bordéliques.

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