Outdoor | Au delà des ecchymoses | Morgane Le Tiec & Julie de Lafrenière

Free Exterior Event

8 September 2018 11:30
60 min
Place d’armes
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Au delà des ecchymoses

Choreographer : Morgane Le Tiec

This dance piece is choreographed, performed, and directed by the artist in collaboration with actor and director Julie de Lafrenière. With no choreographic a priori, dominated by an imposing totem-sculpture created by artist Marie-Josée Roy, this piece intersects theatre, dance, and visual art. The exploration of the structure leads to a reflection on the role of individuals within the constraints of society. Musician and composer Blaise Borboën-Léonard enriches the experience by playing alongside Morgane Le Tiec, recipient of FQD’s 2015 Prix du Public.


Choreography: Morgane Le Tiec
Sculpture: Julie de Lafrenière
Music: Blaise Borboën-Léonard
Costumes: Nadine Lavoie & Morgane Le Tiec
Photography: David Wong

This creation benefited from artistic residencies at:
Danse à la Carte
Compagnie Marie Chouinard
Arsenal Art Contemporain / Danse Danse

David Wong

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