Ginette Laurin | O Vertigo | ANGELs

Free Exterior Event

20 September 2006 20:00
60 min
Auditorium du Collège Maisonneuve
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Choreographer : Ginette Laurin | O Vertigo

In ANGELs, Choreographer Ginette Laurin takes us into the performers’ private world. Extravagant, surprising, light, serious, and touching in turn, their individual dance dreams are transposed onto the stage and linked to each other in a series of solos and duets interspersed with the group figures that are the choreographer’s signature style.


Performers : Mélanie Demers, Patrick Lamothe, Brianna Lombardo, Robert Meilleur, Marie-Ève Nadeau, Michelle Rhode et Audrey Thibodeau.

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