People Watching x Cai Glover

Double bill : People Watching & Cai Glover with a pre-performance by Adrian Batt.
Triple evening with Adrian Batt, Kristen Cere and Àngel Duran at the studio-theatre of the Grands-Ballets Canadiens.
Portraits takes inspiration from thoughts and how they can be expressed through the body. Thoughts and senses are the heart of this piece, where five dancers freely express their own authenticity.
A difficult-to-translate Mongolian word, Odsor is best describes with an image: a blasting spray of stars. Drafted before the pandemic, Misheel Ganbold’s creation was born from a need to express unease and loneliness.
Anima Inaspecta ... A play about a man’s journey on the unknown path to awareness. 
Inner Land Mines is inspired by the loneliness one can feel in large cosmopolitan cities, and by the violence we can observe anywhere in the world. The choreographer links land mines, the deadly legacy of war, to the potentially destructive emotions that are buried deep inside of us, drawing a parallel between the violence we...
Equation of Imagination est une nouvelle création d'Emmanuelle Lê Phan et Elon Höglund qui aborde l'opposition du chaos et de la logique, dans l'art, comme dans la vie elle-même.
UXO - Una carezza sugli occhi (A caress on the eyes) recounts a fragment of the lives of two people in a relationship with each other, without reference to gender, who have conquered a relational equilibrium, but are confronted with instability.
Directed by choreographer Karine Ponties, SAME SAME explores the frontier between subtle humour, irony and the absurd. In a world where being reasonable helps us hide, nonsensicality brings us face to face with our relationship to normality and allows us to open ourselves to new paths.
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