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Cie Sursaut x Véronique Giasson

Opening evening with Morgane Le Tiec and Véronique Giasson
Double bill : People Watching & Cai Glover with a pre-performance by Adrian Batt.
Double show with the Soli de la relève Showcase and Eva Kolarova
Triple bill with Armande & Gaël x Mario Coccetti x Tentacle Tribe
Triple bill with Nicolas Zemmour x Jane Mappin x Rebecca Margolick.
Closing evening with Kyra Jean Green, Hélène Blackburn and Marcos Morau.
Triple bill with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens x Pauline Berndsen Danse
Quadruple bill with Maya Orchin, Véronique Giasson , Rebecca Margolick and Belinda McGuire at studio-theatre of Grands-Ballets Canadiens.
Triple evening with Adrian Batt, Kristen Cere and Àngel Duran at the studio-theatre of the Grands-Ballets Canadiens.
Double evening with Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir and Sarah Hopfinger
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