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Kyra Jean Green x Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

Closing evening with Kyra Jean Green, Hélène Blackburn and Marcos Morau.
Outdoor programming of FQD on September 16
“The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time” is a work based around a young man named Eytan. Eytan sees the world around him change, evolve, and grow yet he himself never changes. His journey is a quest to understand why he never ages and dies like the people around him.
Mirroring pagan rituals from past pandemics,  Fête Sauvage reminds us of how irresistible the desire to join others can be. With music from Dear Criminals, Fête Sauvage invites us to a few minutes of stolen happiness and pleasure, helping us forget and rediscover temporarily the lost paradise of our previous life.
Fukuoka summarises most of the method Marcos Morau has been pursuing for several years with his La Veronal company. He is committed to finding formal refinement without giving up on opposites such as inorganic and grotesque, rhythm and arrythmia, beauty and monstrosity.
The works Faunus and SOMA by choreographer Martin Talaga presented at the McCord Stewart Museum as part of the Czech Focus of FQD 2023.