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Outdoor programming – September 15

Outdoor programming of FDQ on September 15
Triple bill with Nicolas Zemmour x Jane Mappin x Rebecca Margolick.
2022 is a reflection on a mutating world, a celebration of humankind’s strength and resilience, and an ode to the power of hope.
In this solo, choreographer Rebecca Margolick studies the Dybbouk tradition in Jewish mythology. It is said that if our dead are not correctly buried, they can possess the body of the living, usually women.
2023, thoughts on a transformed world. Jane Mappin invites us to celebrate humankind’s strength and resilience, and the power of hope.
In Lemniscate, Nicolas meditates on the mystery of the Magician and starts an internal journey to understand our deepest self. Realizing the world is losing its humanity, Nicolas Zemmour choreographs love, sharing and loneliness, but also the joy and responsibility of taking charge of our own freedom in a strange world.
WITHIN is an immersive video dance for VR glasses that invites users to enter the mind of a person who has created dance pieces. With music and a recorded voice, we are transported in dilapidated locations and natural landscapes in different parts of Spain.