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Belinda McGuire x Maya Orchin x Rebecca Margolick & Belinda McGuire

Quadruple bill with Maya Orchin, Véronique Giasson , Rebecca Margolick and Belinda McGuire at studio-theatre of Grands-Ballets Canadiens.
Outdoor programming of FQD on September 14
Dea draws its inspiration from the play Nostra Dea (Our Goddess), created by playwright Massimo Bontempelli. In the play, the hero has no memories. Multiple identities, traits and appearances meet on this constantly renewed blank slate.
Anthem for the Living was choreographed by Sharon B. Moore in 2011, as part of the Heist Project in New York. Performed by Belinda McGuire, the solo fuses dance, theatre and circus arts in a burlesque, mysterious, restless, unpredictable, and vibrant atmosphere.
WITHIN is an immersive video dance for VR glasses that invites users to enter the mind of a person who has created dance pieces. With music and a recorded voice, we are transported in dilapidated locations and natural landscapes in different parts of Spain.