Full Evening Margie Gillis

Enjoy an entire evening with renowned Canadian dancer-choreographer Margie Gillis and the Legacy Project dancers.
A full evening with renowned dancer and choreographer Margie Gillis and the Legacy Project is in the spotlight. A solo by Margie Gillis will be presented, accompanied by original music by Niko Friesen, in addition to two unique solos for the Legacy Project dancers.
Equation of Imagination est une nouvelle création d'Emmanuelle Lê Phan et Elon Höglund qui aborde l'opposition du chaos et de la logique, dans l'art, comme dans la vie elle-même.
UXO - Una carezza sugli occhi (A caress on the eyes) recounts a fragment of the lives of two people in a relationship with each other, without reference to gender, who have conquered a relational equilibrium, but are confronted with instability.
WITHIN is an immersive video dance for VR glasses that invites users to enter the mind of a person who has created dance pieces. With music and a recorded voice, we are transported in dilapidated locations and natural landscapes in different parts of Spain.
En Pièce Jointe is a celebration of those who do not fit the norm, are left behind or ignored, like unsold items that fail to appeal to consumers in supermarkets. The piece attempts to deconstruct reality, fiction, and absurd thoughts, while transporting the viewer in a bizarre and awkward universe, where dance and theatre become...