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Outdoor programming – September 9

Outdoor programming of FQD on September 9
Triple evening with Adrian Batt, Kristen Cere and Àngel Duran at the studio-theatre of the Grands-Ballets Canadiens.
With this piece, Kristen Cere studies the many angles of a relationship that can be depicted through various roles and ideals and involve many emotions.
Portraits takes inspiration from thoughts and how they can be expressed through the body. Thoughts and senses are the heart of this piece, where five dancers freely express their own authenticity.
Telles des figures aux allures cubistes de Picasso, trois femmes dansent une déconstruction conceptuelle du réel. Interreliées avec grâce et géométrie à la fois, leurs corps s’étirent pour épouser l’environnement qui les encercle. Leurs membres s’entrecroisent tels des coups de pinceaux aux lignes fluides.
WITHIN is an immersive video dance for VR glasses that invites users to enter the mind of a person who has created dance pieces. With music and a recorded voice, we are transported in dilapidated locations and natural landscapes in different parts of Spain.
Inspired by the theories of Carl Jung, The Beauty of It explores the duality between the conscious and the unconscious. The blurred boundaries of this dichotomous relationship don't always allow us to distinguish between reality and dreams. The piece exposes the fragility of the human being, and reflects on the authenticity of self-created actions and...