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Cie Sursaut x Véronique Giasson

Opening evening with Morgane Le Tiec and Véronique Giasson
Outdoor programming of Festival Quartiers Danses of September 7
In Messe en Ka, Morgane Le Tiec explores the concept of rituals. Whether they are secular or religious, rituals contribute to building our identity and individuality. The choreographer attempts to restore rituals in a body in search of identity and meaning, and bases his search on space, time, and cycles
RESET² builds on the relationships between partners, team members, or fellow travelers evolving side by side. An artistic and fitness challenge, the choreography showcases bodies that almost seem like they are about to collapse, but always maintain total control.
Il pleut, il plaint, il rage is a 10-minute excerpt from a longer solo, performed and choreographed by emerging contemporary dance artist Charles Brecard. The full-length version of the piece was created for the Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgart 2023, where it was awarded 3 prizes: 1st place in the Best Choreography category, DAF International...
L'arrière-grand-mère de Barbara a confectionné une robe il y a environ 60 ans, qui lui a été transmise par sa grand-mère. Barbara explorera sa relation avec sa « Tota » (grand-mère), la façon dont elle est traversée par son ADN et comment cette robe l'honore encore. Comment l'amour et les histoires transcendent-ils le temps et...