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The Pull of the Seasons | Margie Gillis

La marée des saisons
In this new vivacious, mischievous, and light-hearted piece, choreographer Margie Gillis celebrates nature, in a heartfelt appeal to her native Quebec origins, where each season is more spirited and dazzling than the next.
"TRUPE" is a piece created for non-traditional stages, museums, parks, public squares...
“MUDA” is part of the Proyecto Larrua Company’s three-part choreography centered around skin, recognition, and protection.
"Expectations will not kill you" dwells on the feeling of failure when we realize we did not reach our goals.
The Proyecto Larrua Company got its inspiration from the “IDI-PROBAK”, a well-known Basque game where oxen pull stones.
"Mimésis" opposes Plato’s philosophical thoughts to Aristotle’s.
In a futuristic world highlighted with pop art, the stage becomes a sanctuary where a fraternal relationship, the source of human warmth, is born. In this revitalizing place, self-transcendence, release and the search for freedom are finally made possible.