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When you can I SSIP Collective I Discovery Showcase

10 September 202216:00Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier


“When you can” explores the feelings of belonging and freedom, and the indispensability of human contact. Created when the SSIP group was faced with turbulent times, the piece illustrates how necessary it is to enjoy one another while we can. Just like so many, the group was unable to perform dance in front of a live audience during the pandemic. The challenges that go with defying constraints and seizing every opportunity to dance are the inspirations for the piece. “When you can” welcomes you in a world where you will feel safe, allowing you to reflect about the past, fully enjoy the present and remain hopeful for the future.

“As an artist and SSIP collective, we all have an equal voice in the creative process. We work together to turn our choreography into a collaborative effort, always working as a team to produce a multi-faceted process and result.”

SSIP Collective


Isabella Di Liello, Sylvia Berman and Sarah Flack


Coach / Exterior eye / Mentor : Colleen Snell

Music (composition) : Ralph Mendoza

11 September 202216:00


  • Saturday, September 10th, 20224:00 PM
  • 5 minutes
  • Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier
  • FREE
  • Discovery Showcase


Isabella Di Liello, Sylvia Berman and Sarah Flack