What She Saw | Emma-Lynn Mackay Ronacher

13 September 202419:00Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts


What She Saw is a solo performance that depicts 11 years of diary through movement, theater and music. Inspired by the emotions described in the diary, it explores the key moments of adolescence, from age 12 to 23, and the personal development that follows.

Begun as a therapeutic journal, the process aims to bring the written words to life by expressing them through movement and emotion. The aim is to pause, reflect and celebrate the journey from adolescence to adulthood, through its struggles, but also the strength and growth associated with them. Set to the unique music of experimental electronic composer Zao, this collaboration seeks to harmonize music and movement within a personal story. The use of familiar sounds aims to evoke emotions and strengthen the connection between the audience and the shared experiences of adolescence.

What did you experience? What emotions have marked you? Do you understand them? Are you ready to embrace them, or do you refuse to acknowledge them? Emma-Lynn invites the audience to join this journey of discomfort and understanding.


Emma-Lynn MacKay-Ronacher


External eye : Eden Solomen

Artistic Mentor : Alisia Plobega, Jean Bui

Playwright : Mathieu Laroux

Music : Zao Dinel

Costumes : Anja Fanslau

Lighting : Jon Clevland

Photographer : Joachim Grabowski

Videographer: Moving Angel Production, Brigit Baumgärtner, Jean Christophe Blavier


  • Friday, September 13th, 20247 pm
  • Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts
  • 15 min


Choreographer and Performer

Full evening

13 September 20247:00 PM

New York & Montreal Evening

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