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Films Screenings : Victoria I Dulcinée Langfelder / Oneiros | Ximena Eleta de Sierra

11 September 202216:00Cinéma du Musée | Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


Dulcinée Langfelder
  • 1 h 15 + First part + discussion with the artist

Victoria, the film, offers a cinematic adaptation of the show that has touched thousands of people around the world. 

Victoria loses her memory. Her memories and her present are intertwined with imagination, humor and fantasy. Her relationship with her caregiver is at times an old couple, at other times a comical duo. As for his wheelchair, it becomes his rocking chair, his tango partner and even his flying chariot… until his last breath.

Dulcinée Langfelder, one of the pioneers of multidisciplinary entertainment, was recently named to the Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec.


Portrait Photo : Valérian Mazataud
Photographic Director : Sandrick Mathurin, Nikita Bershanski
Camera :
1st camera assistant
 : Benjamin Gagné, Ollyndo Dieubon
2ᵉ camera assistant  : Karelle Goguen-Bancel, Laura Torres
Editing : Dulcinée Langfelder avec Mirenda Ouellet, Éric Bilodeau
Artistic Director : Dulcinée Langfelder


  • Sunday, September 11th, 20224:00 PM
  • Cinéma du Musée | Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • 14$ for the 2 films

Film Director


Ximena Eleta de Sierra
  • 30 min

A multidisciplinary and lyrical piece, “ONEIROS” (film version) brings a lady’s dreams to life. Through dance, audiovisual tools, electronic sounds, and poetry, we are transported in a trancelike journey. We are invited to lie down to watch the film, increasing its multisensorial nature as the perspective shifts to verticality.

Surrounded with music, dance, and images projected both on a screen and a wall, we become the uninvited witnesses to the lady’s intimate dream process. Viewers may even feel as though they become part of the performance, reliving their own dreams or nightmares.


Portrait photo : Ricardo Canino
Photographic director : Ricardo Canino
Editing : Ricardo Canino et Ximena Eleta de Sierra
Costumes : Ximena Eleta de Sierra
Artistic Director : Ximena Eleta de Sierra
Dramaturgy : Diego Fernando Montoya
Musical composition and sound design: Diego Dall’Osto
Audiovisual content and projection : Libélula Fractal (Jhoram Moya et Manuel Gordón)

Aknowledgements :

  • Lighting design : Jhon León
  • Production : Judit Jaén et Katherine Bucktron Olle « ONEIROS » was made possible by the Fundación Gramo Danse.
11 September 202216:00
ONEIROS - Ximena ELeta Ximena Eleta de Sierra (Panama)

Film Director