TOUCH is a dance film that takes place in an imagined future: where for unmentioned reasons, humans have been living without physical touch for a very long time. We witness our characters interact with a simple mechanical device in a large, private space.This is in order to experience the touch of another human being, for the first time in the new physically distant future.

Performers: Alexandre Carlos, Charles-Alexis Desgagnés, Emmanuelle Martin, Genevieve Gagné, Sara Harton, Sonik Boom, Hunish Parmar, Pamela Wong

Credits:  Compagnie: Trip The Light Fantastic – Photo direction: Juliette Lossky – Steadicam: Ben Gauthier – Camera assitant: Jennifer Pitoscia – Key Grip: Andres Rodrigo Castillo – Editing: Brittney Canda – Sound: Soso Studio –  Music: Pascal Champagne


Release date

September 11


9:14 min


Kyra Jean Green x Brittney Canda