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Toi, M.A Moi I Géraldine Leong Sang I Discovery Showcase

11 September 202216:00Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier


“Toi, mon autre moi” is a choreographic project reflecting on what unites people despite their differences. Exploring the subject on an intimate and personal level, Géraldine Leong Sang is inspired by her complex relationship with her own mother. As she tries to differentiate herself from her mother by assertively stating her originality, reality reminds her every day that she is another version of her mother, a feeling expressed on the stage by endless circular trajectories. When we try to escape ourselves at all costs, we always end up back to the starting point. Each new circle represents a new stage in her life, and everything will come to a place when she accepts reality: “The apple does not fall far from the tree”.

 “Although we are two peas from the same pod, I persist in being inflexible about our differences. Even though every day, every single one of my gestures imitate yours carefreely”

Géraldine Leong Sang


Géraldine Leong Sang


 Performance Photo : Jules Nerestant

Portrait Photo : Rija Rakotosoa

MusiC (composition): Kripa Nageshwar

Videographer : Jules Nerestant

Aknowledgements: Conseil des Arts de Longueuil for the support during the residency of the project in a school environment at the école alternative des Quatre saisons in St Hubert

10 September 202216:00
11 September 202216:00


  • Sunday, September 11th, 20224:00 PM
  • 10 minutes
  • Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier
  • FREE
  • Discovery Showcase


Choreographer and Performer