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Stichomythie I Gargoyle Dance Company

16 September 202212:30Place des Festivals


Stichomythie explores the dialogue between two bodies. Creating a physical conversation between two performers, the choreographer presents us with three dimensions: the individual communication, the creation of a common message, and the interacting physical relationship. Through dance, Stichomythie portrays non-verbal communication to give the audience food for thought. As human beings, we have a precious ability to communicate, not only with our words and tongues, but also with our bodies. Could this be how universal communication works?

As the depth and complexity of our emotions regulate our way of communicating, Stichomythie depicts our humanity through movement, while questioning the way the audience will receive it. According to the choreographer, receiving is the soul of human dialogue.


Mateo Picone &  Alexander Ellison


Performance Photo : Antoine Séverin Ollier

Coach/ External Eye/ Mentor : Rafik Hubert Sabbagh

Music : Paris s’enflamme- Joep Bieving

11 September 202212:00


  • Friday, September 16th, 2022
  • 9 minutes
  • Place des Arts I Ste Catherine Street West
  • FREE


Choreographer and performer