The short dance film SOUCHE is intended as a tribute to all these women still stuck in their housewife role. By moving from the organic to the vegetal, from the absurd to the aesthetic, a woman seeks to emancipate herself, to get out of what has been imposed on her for centuries and is still present in some societies. Detaching herself, freeing herself, this is the aspiration of this woman who struggles to remove all the layers that have been stuck on her skin and which are now part of her.

Performer: Morgane Le Tiec

Credits:  Camera: Yann-Manuel Hernandez – Editing: Xavier Curnillon – Music: Blaise Borboën-Léonard – Choreography assistant: Clémentine Schindler – Repetition: Charles Cardin-Bourbeau – Makeup: Chloé Poirier-Sauvé


Release date

September 12


6 min


Morgane Le Tiec x Xavier Curnillon