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Sans rien forcer I Hélène Remoué

14 September 202212:30Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West


Through two successive 15-minute solos, Hélène Remoué and Cara Roy dive into the same concept; the first step to becoming is believing. Sans rien forcer is the tale of the unexpected adventures of two women in an urban environment where wind, natural light, and gaze take part in the performers’ life-size journey.

Through a desire of revealing their spectacular self, both performers transform themselves to give way to their inner idol, Hercules or Jimi Hendrix. Through visceral, explosive and lively movements, a magnetic brute force emerges, revealing a freed, victorious, and magnified self.

Through the pulsated rhythm of groove music, Hélène Remoué and Cara Roy explore emancipation and elation. Through the fusion of a highly physical dance and a world that Hélène Remoué describes as legendary and fantastical, Sans rien forcer reimagines those moments we would all like to relive more intensely and passionately.


Hélène Remoué & Cara Roy


Music (composition) : Pierre-Luc Senécal

Portrait Photo : Arianne Nantel

Aknowledgements : École de Danse contemporaine de Montréal, Centre chorégraphique Circuit-Est, Maison de la Culture Marie- Uguay, Studio Bizz, Studio La Lola, Studio Lucie Grégoire, Tangente.


14 September 202212:30

Sans rien forcer I Hélène Remoué

Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West


  • Wednesday, September 14th, 202212:30 PM
  • 30 minutes
  • Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West
  • FREE


Choreographer and Dancer