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RESET² | Véronique Giasson

7 September 202320:00Studio-Theatre of Grands Ballets Canadiens | Édifice Wilder


Following on from the RESET duo, presented at Festival Quartiers Danses in 2021 and 2022, choreographer Véronique Giasson is back again, magnifying the proposal for four performers – RESET².

Within a mathematical path, the dancers dodge, change trajectories, substitute partners or starting points. Reset zones in the space allow them to recharge, as each new start is more complex than the previous one. Accumulation of spatial configurations that are breathtaking, obsessive.

RESET² is built on the relationship that unites partners, team members and fellow travelers who move side by side. As much a sporting challenge as an artistic one, the choreography presents bodies that seem on the verge of breaking down, yet remain in total control.

Supported by a solid team of designers – LACRYMOBOY for music, Mathieu Leroux for dramaturgy, Jonathan Saucier for costumes and scenic space, Tiffanie Boffa for lighting and Alisia Pobega for rehearsal direction – the four dancers Kennedy Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Charles Cardin-Bourbeau and Danny de Matos trace and retrace a path where each serves as a support for the other, where all challenge and surpass each other.


Kennedy Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, François Richard, Charles Cardin-Bourbeau 


Choreography : Véronique Giasson

Performers : Charles Cardin-Bourbeau, François Richard, Kennedy Henry and Merryn Kritzinger

Musical composition : LACRYMOBOY

Dramaturgy : Mathieu Leroux

Set design and styling : Jonathan Saucier

Rehearsal director : Alisia Pobega

Lighting : Tiffanie Boffa

Technical director : Samuel Thériault

Videos and photos : Stéphane Turner and Damian Siqueiros

Production manager : Géraldine Lavoie-Dugré

Partners : Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, Diagramme Gestion Culturelle, Studio Flak et Maison de la culture Parc-Extension

Co-producer : Diagramme Gestion Culturelle

This project was made possible with the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Festival DansEncore, Diagramme Gestion Culturelle and Studio FLAK.

Thanks to Maison de la culture Parc-Extension, Festival Quartiers Danses, Studio La Lola and Pavillon Noir (Aix-en-Provence, France). Thanks to Nicolas Zemmour and Danny De Matos for their contribution to the creation.



  • Thursday, September 7th, 20238 pm
  • Studio-Theatre of Grands Ballets Canadiens | Édifice Wilder
  • 50 mins
  • Opening of the festival


Véronique Giasson
Choreographer and dancer

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