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PROTO-TYPE I Charles Brecard & Roxanne Dupuis

15 September 202215:30Urban Forest | McCord Museum


In a scattered environment, two beings put their bodies to the test through raw, sensitive and vibrant movements. Who are they? Lost souls, survivors, machines, explorers? Both beings slowly let go of the many layers of clothing they are wearing, revealing the tie uniting them and the past they have lived through, while hoping to leave behind a legacy for those who will eventually take the same path. In a futuristic world highlighted with pop art, the stage becomes a sanctuary where a fraternal relationship, the source of human warmth, is born. In this revitalizing place, self-transcendence, release and the search for freedom are finally made possible.

PROTO-TYPE is our first piece together as co-creators. The creative process started in January 2019 and was inspired by René Magritte’s Les Amants painting series. Folkloric dancing guides us and inspires us, while keeping us grounded in our cultural and ethnic roots. When on stage, we endeavour to share a physical and tangible moment with our audience while creating a shared kinesthetic empathy. We aspire to involve our public physically, rhythmically, and emotionally.


Coach / External eye / Mentor : Sabrina Dupuis & Chantal Cadieux
Music (composition) : Alejandro šajgalík
Costumes : Sabrina Dupuis
Performance photo : Vanessa Fortin
Portrait photo : Olivia N’guyen ( for Charles Brecard) et Hugo B Lefort ( for Roxanne Dupuis)

Aknowledgements : Artsnb, Tangente &  Productions DansEncorps 


  • Thursday, September 15th, 20223:30 PM
  • Urban Forest | McCord Museum
  • 26 mins
  • FREE


Choreographer and Performer
Charles Brecard
Choreographer and dancer