Ombre Verte

Ombre Verte dives in the need for connection to one another. The short film reveals six protagonists, one after the other, as their trajectory meets. Stuck in the face of the impossibility of physical contact, their immediate environment becomes their only possibility of tactile interaction. Through this contact, a breach is created … a superposition between real and imaginary life unfolds. These back and forths between reality and dream bring out a universal connetion  from the unconscious: “Together. We exist. Together. Imperfect, infinite, nested. Whole. Linked. Woven. Linked.”

Performers: Éric Athis, Joe Danny Aurélien, Marilyne Cyr, José Flores, Julie Tymchuk, Geneviève Gagné

Credits: Camera, photo direction: Mateo H Cassis, Siam Obregón – Editing: Liliana Ortiz – Text and acting/voice direction: Andréanne Joubert – Artistic and rehearsal direction: Geneviève Boulet, Julie Tymchuk – Costumes: Geneviève Boulet, Julie Tymchuk, Geneviève Gagné – General assistant: Abraham Mercado Ramos – Music, sound: LitRickIsOnThaMix 


Release date

September 14


10:30 min


Geneviève Gagné x Mateo H Casis