Multi-generational evening

11 September 202419h00Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts

On the program

The evening promises to be rich and varied! You'll have the opportunity to discover a contemporary solo by an Icelandic artist set to baroque music, offering an invigorating contrast, followed by an electrifying solo by RÉVOLUTION 2024 finalist Zachary Bastille, capturing the electric nature of nerve flow. The evening closes with a poetic piece by Cai Glover exploring the themes of water and movement.

Cai Glover | 3 Frames of Worry (30 min)

This choreographic piece is part of Cai Glover’s artistic journey, which for over 25 years has explored and deepened dance, using the body as a means of poetic expression through movement. With his company, A Fichu Turning, he develops poetry embodied in the language of movement. The creation begins with putting the artists in motion as we discuss the meanings divulged from our dancing bodies. We wonder where we are in relation to the experiences we make art from and how we can uphold fidelity to such circumstances as we endeavour art as experience. The work is charged by life and charging into life, filled with worry and filled with beauty.

intermission (20 min)

Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir | Something About Clouds (40 min)

Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir, a versatile artist from Iceland, has been performing dance, theater and song for 30 years, constantly exploring new skills and developing a unique performance style. After creating choreographic works for the Iceland Dance Company and other groups, she turned to the solo format for a more intimate artistic exploration. Her new solo creation, Something About Clouds, blends baroque music and contemporary movement to offer an immersive experience. The piece explores our connection with Baroque art and the intense emotions it expresses, inviting audiences to reflect on the emotional and ever-changing world of opera arias.

Zachary Bastille | Embrasement Synaptique (10 min)

This choreographic piece is part of Montreal-based artist Zachary Bastille’s artistic journey. Since graduating in Fine Arts (Dance and Performance) from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2022, he has collaborated with a variety of choreographers and directors, performing on the Minuit quelque part tour, showcasing the work of 8 Montreal choreographers. His work Embrasement Synaptique explores the personalization of neurons in the human body as they transmit sensory information, capturing the electrical and impulsive nature of nerve flow. The piece reveals instinctive reactions and impulses in a modern world, raising questions about our human condition and our internal reactions to evolution.


  • Wednesday, September 11th, 20247 pm
  • Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts
  • 1h40With intermission
  • 38$29$ Reduced rate


Choreographer, dancer and singer
Choreographer and performer
Choreographer and performer