Montreal Evening

10 September 20247 pmCinquième Salle | Place des Arts

On the program

Discover two intriguing solos by emerging artists, offering insights into personal introspection and the quest for healing. Then, don't miss the Montreal premiere of Sans Toi[T], the new creation by duo Janie & Marcio, winners of RÉVOLUTION in 2019. Centered around a table, this piece explores encounters and relational dynamics in a unique way.

Amara Barner I Ceremony for the Echoes of Chaos (15 min)

The piece presented is part of the career of Amara Barner, a Minnesota-born, Montreal-based dancer. Fusing dance, teaching and artistic research, she embodies a remarkable versatility. Her solo, Ceremony for the Echoes of Chaos, immerses the audience in an intense ritual, where she powerfully and sensitively explores the quest for healing in the midst of global and personal chaos.

Leah Hamel | Almost There (20 min)

The solo presented here stems from the career of Montreal-based artist Leah Hamel. She works as a dancer, choreographer and cellist. Trained at the Juilliard School in New York after her debut in Los Angeles, she fuses her passion for dance and music into an innovative interdisciplinary approach. Her work Almost There explores the subtleties of the human journey, highlighting progress in our lives rather than the achievement of a final goal. This creation offers a unique experience in which the dynamic between dancer and musician reveals a collaboration rich in nuance and emotion.

intermission (20 min)

Janie & Marcio | Sans Toi[T] (30 min)

Janie Richard and Marcio Paulino present Sans Toi[T], a new piece following their dazzling success Syntonie. This duo of independent dancers and producers, revealed by the program RÉVOLUTION in 2019, is captivating a large national and international audience. Their new piece draws its inspiration from encounters around a table, where everyone shares their experiences and memories. This original show explores how our memories shape our identity and our vision of the world.


  • Tuesday, September 10th, 20247 pm
  • Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts
  • 1h25With intermission
  • 44$35$ Reduced rate


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