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Mimésis I Voodoo House

15 September 202215:30Urban Forest I McCord Museum


“Mimésis” opposes Plato’s philosophical thoughts to Aristotle’s. Plato considered art as a representation or imitation of reality, while Aristotle thought of art as a vision beyond reality. Voodoo House gives meaning to these concepts through a dance that is both abstract and concrete.

Just like a TED Talk on society and spiritual topics, the choreographer exposes psychological issues and challenges in our society. From mime to dance, “Mimésis” is a message for peace and help for communities. Inspired by surrealism, the choreographer removes individuals from reality, especially through the voice of an AI who believes it is God.

The solo goes from theatrical interpretation to spontaneous and powerful dancing and poetic moments. The concept is based on exchanges through language; dance, read scripts and symbols representing several perspectives of the choreography.

My background is contemporary dance and street dancing. Mythologies, history, science, and arts help me create a dream that the public can read and interpret. Mimésis is a mix of Greek history and philosophy that are still representative of our day and age. Ideas and concepts are timeless. Our perception of the world around us is the only change there is.

Voodoo House


The artist wishes to remain anonymous


Coach / External Eye / Mentor : Hélène Rémoué

Music : Yannick Bertrand

12 September 202214:00
15 September 202215:30

Mimésis I Voodoo House

Urban Forest I McCord Museum


  • Thursday, September 15th , 20223:30 PM
  • 13 minutes
  • Urban Forest I Musée McCord
  • FREE