Naissance et introduction de l’épaissisme | Nicolas Zemmour

9 September 202419:00Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts


L’Épaissisme is an innovative and profoundly human approach to art, characterized by its richness and depth. This movement stands out for its multiple layers of meanings and emotions, offering an experience that is both dense and nuanced. Every work, every gesture, every word is imbued with a thickness that invites reflection and introspection.

In this solo performance, Nicolas explores the varied dimensions of L’Épaissisme – an artistic movement he creates with his dramaturge, Marc Zemmour. You will witness the birth of a new artistic movement as you embark on a journey through its multiple layers.

Prepare to dive into a universe where each element is carefully superimposed to reveal the complexity of the human experience. Nicolas is delighted to share this first step of L’Épaissisme with you and hopes you will be touched by the depth and humanity it conveys.



Nicolas Zemmour


Coach/external eye/mentor : Émile Garetier

MusicAdagio albinoni

Lighting : Juline St-Pierre

Original texts : Nicolas Zemmour


  • Monday, September 9th, 20247 pm
  • Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts
  • 15 min


Nicolas Zemmour
Choreographer and dancer

Full evening

9 September 20247:00 PM

Quebec Artists Evening

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