Focus on Brazil-Quebec : Part 2

8 September 202420hCinquième Salle | Place des Arts

On the program

Join us for an evening in the company of talented choreographers and dancers Jane Mappin and Marcia Milhazes. Their works invite us to reflect on the human condition, relationships and the way our memory forgets, but not our bodies.

Marcia Milhazes I GUARDE-ME (Save-Me) (40 min)

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Marcia Milhazes is a graduate of the Rio de Janeiro Opera Ballet and holds a Master’s degree in choreography from the Laban Center. With 27 choreographic works to her credit, she has received international awards for her operas and dance videos. She also teaches dance in the United States, and has been honored with national and international distinctions for her work. Her piece GUARDE-ME (Save-Me) explores the emotional world of couples, blending realism and fantasy in a meditation on the invisibility and power of love.

intermission (20 min)

Jane Mappin | Fleeting Moments : Studies in being Human (30 min)

The piece presented is part of Jane Mappin’s artistic process. She has forty-five years’ experience as a performer, choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance. Her creations explore the links between art, social diversity and fundamental rights, including mental health, and are performed across Canada and internationally. Her work Fleeting Moments: Studies in being Human, in collaboration with composer and cellist Erich Kory and performer Rosalie Paquette, explores the shifting landscape of memory and individual narratives that reflect the very essence of humanity.


  • Sunday, September 8th, 20248 pm
  • Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts
  • 1h30With intermission
  • 44$35$ Reduced rate


Jane Mappin
Choreographer and dancer