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Faunus & SOMA | Martin Talaga | Focus Tchèque

16 September 202313:00McCord Stewart Museum Amphitheatre



Greetings Mountains and Forest, from the bottom of my heart! No matter what the Beast destroys, its vision is deceived by lies, deafened by the unbearable. You will be brought back to life, and your wounds will heal. This show talks about nothing. Nothing important. In fact, it is not even a show… It is more like an impression of life’s little bits of happiness… the beauty of lying on the grass and observing the sky and the trees.



SOMA puts into question both the abilities and limits of the human body. Using a mannequin to represent human perfection, this piece challenges our relationship to beauty. Just like plastic mannequins, we are growing colder. Just like robots, we have become more and more automated. SOMA questions our reverence for outward beauty at the expense of our values and inner beauty, and how it pushes us, slowly but surely, to lose what makes us human.


Faunus : Martin Talaga

SOMA : Marek Menšík ,Radim Klásek, Anton Eliáš




Music : Claude Debussy

Lighting : Karlos Šimek

Photographer : Petr Kurečka



Coach/exterior eye/mentor : Martin Talaga

Music (composition) : Myko

Lighting : Karlos Šimek

Producer : Adriana Spišáková



  • Saturday, September 16h,20231 pm
  • McCord Stewart Musem Amphitheatre
  • 30 mins
  • Czech Focus


Martin Talaga

Dancer, choreographer & performance artist
16 September 202313:00

Faunus & SOMA | Martin Talaga | Focus Tchèque

McCord Stewart Museum Amphitheatre