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Fam Ly I Jessica Joy Muszynski

12 September 202212:00Place des Arts I Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest


“Fam Ly” is a composite of the artist’s family memories, including parental fights, sibling rivalries, and the intrusion of a recomposed family. Jessica Joy Muszynski investigates the many tension points that peppered her way to adulthood on the music of Filipino composer Joshua Castillo, who shares her cultural heritage. His music portrays how joyful it can be to live in such a unique community, while describing the pain caused by dissonant generations.

Through movement, “Fam Ly” explores the theme of conflict and resolution, while studying the opposing emotions they create. Because human beings are complex emotional creatures, one emotion often triggers another. Fear can become anger, guilt can create despair, and rejection can turn into sadness… Through dance, “Fam Ly” attempts to untangle emotions created by conflict while underscoring how absurd they can be. It also strives to bring some sense into the dynamics of communication, an ability we learn since birth, but rarely master.

“To create, the performers and I reflect on the time we have spent with our original family. Before we start rehearsing every morning, we take 10 to 15 minutes to write in a journal about how our early years made us who we are and what was important back then. This process brings sensitivity to our movements, because they come from a place filled with emotion, intuition and understanding of where we come from.”


Jessica Muszynski, Adèle Ross, Isabella Di Liello, Jake Poloz


Portrait photo: Mary Mallaney

Mentor/ Coach / Exterior eye: Victor Quijada

Music (composition) : Joshua Castillo

Singing Coach : Clarissa Geraldo

Dramaturge: Shaylah Mahoney

12 September 202212:00

Entr’tEnir I Bulbe Collective

Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West
12 September 202212:00

Fam Ly I Jessica Joy Muszynski

Place des Arts I Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest
17 September 202212:00


  • Monday, September 12th, 202212:00 PM
  • 25 minutes
  • Place des Arts I Ste Catherine Street West
  • FREE


Choreographer and Performer