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Entr’tEnir I Bulbe Collective

12 September 202212:00Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West


Entr’tEnir” delves into the physical sensations of having to wait and hang on. The piece starts with a simple phone call, triggering a series of physical interactions and conversations. Through narration, movement and dialogue, the artists dynamically explore our desire for connection and our futile efforts to control our own lives. “Entr’tEnir” symbolizes the collective debate over the duality of hanging on and letting go.


Claire Campbell, Emma-lynn Makay Ronacher, Jessica Joy Muszynski, Sylvia Berman & Anja Fanslau


Coach/Exterior eye/ Mentor : Lisa Davies

Music (composition) : Paco Ziel Crédit

Performance photo : Do Phan Hoi

12 September 202212:00

Entr’tEnir I Bulbe Collective

Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West


  • Monday, September 12th, 202212:00 PM
  • 25 minutes
  • Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West
  • FREE