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Entrer en résonance I Cie Taafé Fanga

12 September 202217:00Bernard Avenue , Outremont


Taafé Fanga is passionate about West Africa’s traditional music, especially about the interactions created between dancers and musicians in the moment. His new piece, Entrer en résonance, highlights the bond and connection required to establish true dialogue between them. As dance and music intertwine, dance creates the music and music creates the dance. Without any script or music sheet, performers must learn to listen to themselves and to each other, bringing a high-level of vitality to the exchange. Artists let themselves be transported by the rhythm of djembes, doundous, balafons, koras, bass, voices and steps, while remaining acutely aware of their surroundings, ready to react to the unpredictable.

Entrer en résonance is a celebration of a language that is magically created and recreated in an instant through the spontaneity of a circular reciprocity rather than through linear logic. It symbolizes the resonance of deep ties created by a shared passion.


Julie de Lorimier, Karine Hamel & Estelle Lavoie


Portrait Photo : Nimalan Masilamany

Musicians : Benjamin Landry, Olivier Landry, Sadio Sissokho, Bruno Martinez-Gamiz, Carlo Birri

12 September 202217:00

Entrer en résonance I Cie Taafé Fanga

Bernard Avenue , Outremont
9 September 202314:30

2020-2023 Coproductions | Cinema Programming

Cinéma du Musée | Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


  • Monday, September 12th , 20225:00 PM
  • 30 minutes
  • Bernard Avenue, OutremontBetween Champagneur Avenue and Bloomfield Avenue
  • FREE


Choreographer et Dancer