A sonic performance directed by Andrea Peña, where 5 women invite you to dial in and share an intimate performative experience of ELLES over the phone. Each phone call is unique, and presents to you a different sonic and somatic experience.

Catherine Wilson
Chaos Manifesto

 A compositional landscape of chaos, deconstruction, subtlety that presents a personal feminist perspective. A call to action that encompases sensation through a purely auditory medium.

Marijoe Foucher
Walking Through your Senses

A meditative and sensorial practice of hearing and listening in relationship to our landscape. Can we be aware of the soundscapes that inhabit us and those outside of us?

Kyana Lyne
Rituals of Indigenous Female Power

Poetic reflections that explore the landscape of the indigenous body, as rituals of identity, community and history.

Roxanne Dupuis
J’aime la way que ta jupe à hang!

A play with heritage, accents, roots, dialogues, slang, to dive into, explore and connect with Acadian culture.

Kaitlyn Ramsden
Sonic Rave

Exploring ambient music as a practice of memory collection. How can we connect to our memories as experiential histories of ourselves?

Andrea Peña
Directing Sound through Choreographic Knowledge

Artistic Director and Dramaturge for this project, bringing together the rich and visceral universes proposed by the 5 artists. Supporting the curatorial direction, development and production of this alternative proposition towards intimate encounters.

Save your spot

5 Phone Call performances – the audience is invited to call assigned phone numbers to the performers, in order to experience a sonic performance over the phone. Each performer will have a zoom number associated with the call. Therefore a total of 5 numbers to be called.

September 15th 2020

5:00 PM | 5:30 PM | 6:00 PM | 6:30 PM

September 19th 2020

2:00PM | 2:30PM | 3:00PM | 3:30 PM