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Désobéissances I Horizons Collectif I Discovery Showcase

10 September 202216:00Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier


This piece from Horizons Collectifs (Lou Ansellem and Adèle Ross) is inspired by the concept of resistance, injected in both dance and music. What mechanisms allow us to resist our instincts? Can we block them indefinitely? Why do we resist them so often? As they create a conducive atmosphere, artists dive into the state of resistance and attempt to pass it on.


Lou Amsellem and Adèle Ross


Performance Photo : Gabriel Blackburn

Music : Adèle Ross assisted by Lou Amsellem

Costumes : Lou Amsellem and Adèle Ross


10 September 202216:00
11 September 202216:00


  • Saturday, September 10th, 20224:00 PM
  • 5 minutes
  • Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier
  • FREE
  • Discovery Showcase


Adèle Ross and Lou Amsellem