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Dabav I Veils of Bollywood I Discovery Showcase

11 September 202216:00Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier


Through physical embodiment of distinct types of compliance, Rameez Karim explores how we modify our behaviour to better adapt to our environment. With a tradition in Bollywood and Indian dance, the choreographer recalls the hurdles and doubts he faced, and the success he enjoyed, when he joined the world of contemporary dance. The dance movements retell his experiences with compliance, internalization, identification, ungratefulness, and refusal to comply, as he tries to respond to various levels of social pressure and scrutiny from information keepers.


Rameez Karim, Chanel Cheiban, Irene Ruiz, Sara Gutiérrez, Sofia El Iraki, Victoria Dubé


Performance Photo : Yves Gigon

Portrait Photo: Aliti Photography

Music (composition) : Ahmed Soroko Costumes : Rameez Karim


I would like to acknowledge that my dance collective and I are on unceded Aboriginal land belonging to the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation. Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) has long been a gathering place for many First Nations. We respect the past, present and future and seek to continually improve our relationships with all communities.

Rameez Karim
10 September 202216:00
11 September 202216:00


  • Sunday, September 11th. 2022 4:00 PM
  • 5 minutes
  • Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier
  • FREE
  • Discovery Showcase