Closing evening

14 September 20247 pmCinquième Salle | Place des Arts

On the program

Explore the vibrant, thoughtful world of the Hominal / Xaba collaboration. This performance confronts us with contemporary questions about the digital age, with striking movements and a spectacular use of scenography that make it a constantly evolving visual experience.

Marie-Caroline Hominal & Nelisiwe Xaba | Hominal/Xaba (60 min)

Nelisiwe Xaba and Marie-Caroline Hominal, who shared part of their dance training in London, have always nurtured the desire to collaborate on a joint project. Their creation takes the form of a dialogue on stage, exploring sensitive themes such as cultural appropriation, online tutorials and the mechanical reproduction of patterns. The piece stands as a textile manifesto, in which two choreographers, one South African and the other Swiss, confront each other with humor and a certain apprehension in the costumes they make on stage.


  • Saturday, September 14th, 20247 pm
  • Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts
  • 60 min
  • 44$35$ Reduced rate


Choreographer, dancer and singer
Choreographer and performer