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Charmantes I Vanessa Brazeau

14 September 202212:30Place des Arts I Ste Catherine Street West


In this piece, Vanessa Brazeau questions her own perception of femininity. She highlights how important it is to understand our own experiences when approaching such a theme. The piece explores possibilities, inconsistencies, and similarities through other people’s eyes. Created in collaboration with artists identifying as female, the piece is inspired by a psychoanalytical approach linking our “Ideal Self”, our “Self” and our relationship to the “Other”. Vanessa Brazeau explores this relationship to the “Other” – society, culture, family, colleagues, etc. – and how it relates to our relationship with femininity.

Our mind is constantly conflicted between our conscious and subconscious, creating a fascinating individual complexity. The choreographer looks at how a femininity duality builds within someone identifying as female. Assuming that reality is inexplicable through spoken or written language, the piece expresses thoughts through poetical body language, a powerful force when words are insufficient to express our conscious thoughts.


Vanessa Brazeau , Maïka Giasson , Marie-Michelle Darveau & Jessica Gauthier


Performance Photo : Hugo B. Lefort

14 September 202212:30

Charmantes I Vanessa Brazeau

Place des Arts I Ste Catherine Street West


  • Wednesday, September 14th, 202212:30 PM
  • 20 minutes
  • Place des Arts I Ste Catherine Street West
  • FREE


Choreographer and Performer