Ceremony for the Echoes of Chaos | Amara Barner

9 September 202419:00Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts


Ceremony for the Echoes of Chaos is a solo that takes us on a journey of healing in the midst of global and personal chaos. Through evocative movement and powerful expression, the dancer undertakes a solemn, sorcerous ritual, confronting the repercussions of unstable situations within and around her.

Audiences are invited to explore resilience and vulnerability through this captivating experience. Each movement reflects the struggle to find comfort and meaning amid the turbulence of the modern world. Navigating through the complexities of change, this solo offers a poignant representation of the human experience.

Ceremony for the Echoes of Chaos is a testament to the power of the spirit and the universal quest for healing in the face of adversity. Amara’s performance is a cathartic journey that confronts and transcends chaos.


Amara Barner




  • Tuesday, September 10, 20247 pm
  • Cinquième Salle | Place des Arts
  • 15 min


Choreographer and performer

Full evening

10 September 20247:00 PM

Montreal Evening

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