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Carlota | Focus Cia de Dança

17 September 202220:00Les Grands Ballets' Studio-Theatre | Edifice Wilder


In this piece inspired by tango, Alex Neoral looks at how human beings transform sadness into passion, and even sensuality. Carlota is the expression of our ever-evolving emotions. In this exploration of the inexplicable, inherent, and hidden sides of human beings, the piece examines how our moods evolve with time and with the seasons. Happiness, sadness, anguish and passion… in movement.


Bianca Lopes,Carolina de Sá, Cosme Gregory, Gabriella Matos, José Villaça, Kyra Jean Green, Márcio Vinícius, Monise Marques


  • Saturday, September 17, 20228:00PM
  • Les Grands Ballets' Studio-Theatre | Wilder Building
  • 60 mins


Alex Neoral
Choreographer and dancer
16 September 202220:00

Focus Danse Bach | Focus Cia de Dança

Bourgie Hall | Museum of Fine Arts
17 September 202220:00

Carlota | Focus Cia de Dança

Les Grands Ballets' Studio-Theatre | Edifice Wilder