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Bunker + Vault | Rebecca Margolick

16 September 202220:00Studio-Théâtre des Grands Ballets Canadiens | Edifice Wilder


Bunker + Vault is about the relentless trials of the female body over generations. It is about resistance, repression, and resilience.

Bunker + Vault won the Jury Prize for “best indoor choreographic work” at the 2019 Festival Quartiers Danses in Montreal Canada. The full work premiered in 2021, and has been presented in Nashville TN (Kindling Arts Festival 2022), Vancouver B.C. (Dancing On The Edge Festival 2022), San José, Costa Rica (Grafica Genesis 2022, and Solos Hecho a Mano 2021). Shorter versions of the work have been presented in Berlin (Lucky Trimmer 2022), Portland (PDX Festival 2021), Singapore (M1 Contact Contemporary Festival 2021 online), Carcassonne and Toulouse, France (La Galerie Chorégraphique 2021 and 2022), NYC (Create:Art), Mexico City (Cuerpo al Descubierto), Montreal (Festival Quartiers Danses), Wells, B.C. (ArtsWells), Vancouver, B.C. (Chutzpah! Festival).



Rebecca Margolick.


Acknowledgements: Conney Conference 2019 and Bernard Schwartz at the 92nd Y Archives for facilitating the research I did on the Jewish women who resided at the 92nd Y Residence and The Clara de Hirsch home for Working Girls from 1899-1950. Some of this research influenced the creation of this work.

16 September 202220:00

Bunker + Vault | Rebecca Margolick

Studio-Théâtre des Grands Ballets Canadiens | Edifice Wilder
15 September 202320:00

Reservoir | Rebecca Margolick

Studio-Theatre of Grands Ballets Canadiens | Édifice Wilder


  • Friday, September 16 20228:00 PM
  • Studio-Théâtre des Grands Ballets Canadiens | Edifice Wilder
  • 60 mins


Rebecca Margolick
Choreographer and dancer