Outdoor programming – September 8

8 September 202312:30 PM

On the agenda

The Beauty of It – Àngel Duran | 12:30 pm | Place des festivals

*Postponed to September 15th at 12:30 pm*



Inspired by Carl Jung theories, The Beauty of It explores the duality between the conscious and the unconscious. The vague frontier in this dual relationship does not always allow us to differentiate between dream and reality. The piece uncovers the weakness of human beings and reflects on the authenticity of self-created actions or characters. Where is the mask? What is real in our lives? What is the difference between action and behaviour?

Using recordings from Dr. Carl Jung’s interview in 1957 as an external narrator, The Beauty of It provokes deep thoughts and studies the performer who becomes a mirror of our own selves. Through the many qualities of movement and expression, the piece immerses us in the collective unconscious.



Àngel Duran

Mentor :  Blanca Apilánez
Sound design : Àngel Duran / Pep Vilaregut
Costumes : Paula Ventura
Lighting : Xavi Moreno
With the support of Internationalles Solo tanz Festival Stuttgart, Cortoindanza Cagliari, Atlàntida Theater in Vic, La Gorga Theater in Palamós, La Rafinerie/Charleroi danses and TLS Vic

3 femmes – Pauline Gervais | 12:30 pm | Place des festivals

*Postponed to 12:45 p.m*



Like Picasso’s cubist-like figures, three women dance and stretch their bodies to match the environment that surrounds them. Their limbs intertwine like fluid brushstrokes. They join and separate like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a rhythm that is sometimes frantic, sometimes languorous. In a painting that is both pictorial and animated, these three characters construct and deconstruct themselves, evoking different feminine archetypes. Trois Femmes … An ode to new forms and femininity … Trium Femina


Pauline Gervais, Leah Tremblay, Sylvia Birman


  • Thursday September 8 2023
  • Place des festivals
  • 12:30 PM
  • FREE


Choreographer and Performer