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Outdoor programming September 7

7 September 202312:30 PM

On the agenda

L’Art de la Confrontation – Yannice Ouellet | 12:30 pm | Place des arts / Sainte-Catherine Street



L’art de la confrontation is a piece of krump style brought to life with a contemporary vision. Through this piece, choreographer Yannice Ouellet tries to raise awareness for krumping and urban dance culture – a way to express oneself through intense physical and facial expression – and present it to a new audience. The piece highlights a “battle,” a widespread practice at the heart of street dancing (hip hop, break, locking, popping, etc.). With L’Art de la confrontation , anyone can discover the “battle” universe and its physical and emotional dimensions. “It is quite simple: Let’s confront the public by placing them in the same position as our adversary, by talking, interacting, pointing and observing them” (Yannice Ouellet).

L’Art de la confrontation is an unusual dialogue between the audience and the performers. 



Olivier Clermont, Williams Amiral Cogue, Jules Talavera, Sam Fabi

Artistic Consultant and Mentor: Valérie Chartier, 

Repeater : Mathilde Mercier-Beloin

Just Krump – Big Rulez

Kid NY Anthem -Big Rulez

Resudency : Espace SansLuxe

New creation – Yiannis Tsakalos | 12:30 pm | Sainte-Catherine Street


  • Wednesday September 7 2023
  • Place des arts / Rue Sainte-Catherine
  • 12:30 pm
  • FREE


Choreographer and Performer
Choreographer & Performer