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Outdoor programming – September 6

6 September 202312h30 & 14h30

On the agenda

The Distance – Tentacle Tribe | 12h30 | Place des arts / Sainte-Catherine Street



The Distance is a reinterpretation of Tentacle Trimbe’s short-film OffSpin Cycle directed by film-maker Marites Carino. Drawing its inspiration from Spanish surrealist painter Paco Pomet, the piece presents eight dancers joined together by the sleeves of their sweatshirts. Through dynamic choreographic and costume changes, The Distance talks about multiculturalism, identity, and the transformation of its meaning.



Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Elon Höglund, Rahime Gay-Labbé, Céline Richard-Robichon, Mecdi Jean-Pierre, Kalliane Brémault, Anthony Palomeque, Samuel Cyr
Music : Elon Höglund
Costumes : Jodee Allen

DINO – Matthew Quigley | 14h30 | Urban Forest McCord Museum


DINO, is a duet exploring the prehistoric nature of humanity. The world of DINO is a stoic environment housing two dancers, outfitted in work gear and semi-realistic T-Rex masks. The piece explores themes of the human condition and greed within our current society, and the soundtrack is a computer altered voice layered onto dramatic chamber music. The narrative is built upon the poem, as the dancers internalize and express different emotions using their body and the space. The piece is physical, repetitive and explosive, but also tender and weighted. Drastic changes in dynamic and tone push the piece forward, as the dancers fatigue, and the evolution of their characters become more empathetic. The resolve of the piece is tender and unforgiving. DINO’s world and narrative stem from a place of emergency and is a reaction to current events. The piece is molded by the world, as it aims to reflect it in a playful but stoic manner.



Laura Toma, Matthew Quigley
Music : Nils Peterson (composition), Dorothy Carlos (musician)
Costumes : Matthew Quigley
Photographe : Matthew Quigley


  • Wednesday September 6 2023
  • FREE


Choreographer & Performer
Tentacle Tribe