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Outdoor programming – September 17

17 September 202314:30

On the agenda

Chronique d’une plume – Cie Sursaut/Morgane Le Tiec | 14h30 | Avenue du Musée


A FUN WORKSHOP AND SHOW – Through this comical workshop and show, the audience discovers a fantastic world with two original characters. They are followed by an intriguing book, out of which many surprising stories and elements come. Guided by artists, the audience is invited to express themselves through movement and invent the sequel to Chronique d’une plume, drawing inspiration from music and common items to create their own story. This stimulating workshop encourages the imagination of children while inviting them to use their body to create a story. 


Stéphanie Brochard, Morgane Le Tiec

Music : Le Cygne de Saint-Saëns performed by Janos Starker et Shuku Iwasaki La Poule de Rameau
performed by Vikingur Olafsson
Costumes : Mélanie Castonguay et Stéphanie Brochard
Photographe : Farah Ouaked


  • Sunday September 17
  • Museum avenue
  • 2:30 PM


Cie Sursaut