*CANCELLED* Outdoor programming – September 16

16 September 20233:30 & 4:30 PM

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Cris – Jacques Bana Yanga | 15:30 & 16:30 pm | Place des festivals


I scream!

An alerting scream so my voice can be heard despite disaster.

What goes on in the world often surprises us.

A post on social media will move us. Inequality, outrage, prejudice, and slander will devastate us. What will we do if we face similar injustice?

We will take a selfie with our phone and post a new story that will go viral. Are we possessed?

We complain about hunger in the world, while luxurious restaurants and hotels throw out foods that are not even spoiled yet. It is said that southern countries are poor and represent the misery of the world… so, why are foreign workers and companies happy to stay over there? Why are politicians from these countries fighting to lead them and never in a hurry to leave this “hell”? They say human life is sacred. But, over there, we live another reality.


Jacques Bana Yanga

BOO Ngakere Bokato

Mentor / outer eye : Laetitia Ajanohu
Music : Pauline Drand
Actor on stage : BOO Ngakere Bokato
Lighting : Pierrot Lendo
Photographe : Peter Miyalu
Acknowledgement : Institut Français de Kinshasa et  Espace Ntongo Elamu


  • Saturday September 16 2023
  • Place des festivals
  • 3:30 & 4:30 PM
  • FREE


Jacques Bana Yanga

Choreographer & Performer