Outdoor programming of FQD on September 14

14 September 2023

On the agenda

En parallèle- Armande & Gaël | 12:00 pm | Place des festivals

A creation specially conceived for the 21st edition of FQD

Transire – Mikaël Xystra Montminy/Compagnie WXWS | 12:00 pm | Place des festivals


Transire is a new take on Jean Cocteau’s play Le jeune homme et la mort choreographed by Roland Petit in 1946. Transire’s goal is to become a danced sequel of Cocteau’s story of a destitute young painter who commits suicide after breaking up with his lover, while infusing it with a contemporary flair. Transire is a poetic and physical metaphor for separation, failure, and grief – big and small- as a way to elevate and transform oneself.


Mikaël Xystra Montminy, Mélia Boivin

Repeater / outer eye : Sonia Montminy, Amélie Gagnon, Morgane Guillou
Music : Steve Hamel avec Mikaël Xystra Montminy (singing), Véronique Turcotte (violin), Julie Trudeau (cello), André Lavergne (guitar)
Costumes : Sébastien Dionne
Photographe : Bastian A-Miranda
Makeup artist : Jaime Albert
Acknowledgment : Odile-Amélie Peters, Federica Gazzola-Plenert and The Orgasmic Forest Tattoos, Steve Hamel, Sébastien Dionne, Gilles Pelletier & Sylvie Savoie

Morceaux Choisis – Louise Bédard | 3:30 pm & 4:30  pm | Place d’Armes

Morceaux choisis is divided into three segments, each corresponding to a change in clothing and choice of accessories. These selected pieces oscillate between dance and performance. They are all accompanied by music by Rachmaninov: élégie, andante sostenuto, and bacarolle allegro molto.


  • Thursday September 14
  • FREE


Mikaël Xystra Montminy A

Choreographer & Performer

Louise Bédard


Louise Bédard is passionate about creating, whether it relates to movement, space, music, etc.