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Outdoor programming – September 13

13 September 2023

On the agenda

Between Holding – Bulbe Collective | 12:00 pm | Place des festivals


Between Holding explores the sense of security we feel when we hold on to a precious moment for a while. Because we cannot hang on to this comforting feeling forever, we must learn to let it go and give it up. But what happens in between? Why do we feel scared as we let go? To express this concern through movement, Bulbe Collective drew their inspiration from tornadoes. An unconscious body relaxes, allowing itself to survive despite the violence of the storm.

On the other hand, Between Holdings talks about loneliness and the uncertainty it brings. As infants and toddlers, we are completely dependent on others to learn to walk, eat, dress… we are powerless and always with someone else. Newborns express their needs without question. Ironically, as their relationship to their own needs changes, adults can have difficulty communicating with others around them. In this new creation, Bulbe Collective showcases our needs, the evolution of our relationship with them over time, and the role our community plays in this relationship. 


Claire Campbell

Emma-Lynn Mackay-Ronacher

Sylvia Berman

Florence Hughes

Sophie Qin

Jessica Muszynski

Anja Fanslau

Mentors : Lisa Davies, Alicia Pobega et Mathieu Leroux
Music : Zao Lito Dinel

The Royal We – Jake Poloz | 4:00 pm | Bassin-à-Gravier


For this piece, I’m interested in the ways our ambitions become the central story of our lives. Often, the dedicated pursuit of our ambitions forms our worldview, or “purpose”. This purpose leads us to join communities, and to alter our social performance to fit in. What begins as a goal forms our entire way of being. But what happens to our public and private selves if we decide to reject this purpose? Maybe we stop believing in its importance, or maybe we realize that it’s not worth the sacrifices it demands from us to achieve it. What does it look like to embody a purpose-based identity, and what does it look like when that purpose is stripped away?


Eleanor Van Veen

Jake Poloz

Acknowledgments for their contribution : David Bernstein, Yuka Otsuki et Seiji Suzuki

Échos migratoires – Collectif Tondoa | 4:00 pm | Bassin-à-Gravier


Échos migratoires studies migration, comparing the migratory instincts of animals and the economic and sociopolitical influences on population migrations. Throughout the piece, Afro-Columbian dances reminds us of the Tondoa Artistic Organization’s origins. A true inspiration for the choreography, animal movements are used to showcase the migratory and adaptation process to a new environment. Such movements create a hybrid character who is transformed by his choices, experiences, and environment.

For the FQD, Tondoa will perform a 5-minute version of Échos migratoires, a 30-minute original piece currently under development with the support of Montréal Arts Interculturels (MAI) and Festival Quartiers Danses.


Daniel Felipe Diaz

Juan Sebastian Hoyos Correa

Camila Petro

Nicole Speare

Milena Yanes

Mentor : Andrea niño
External eyes : Paco Ziel and Diana León

De Sève – Anna Lamontagne | 4:00 pm | Bassin-à-Gravier


Creator and performer of this solo piece, Anna Lamontagne uses movement to portray a person’s idea of immediacy within a collective introspection. Touching on the power and presence of knowing and listening to our own body, she wonders how to unite our inner landscape with the outside world that keeps our body upright, and how to learn to trust our instincts. De Sève highlights how important it is to slow down, learn to understand the world within and around us, and put down roots. 

My forests sleep naked,

Waiting for the wind 

That will make them stumble 

Like drunken beasts 

Walking towards their roots

(Loose translation of an extract from Helène Dorion’s volume of poetry “My Forests”)


Anna Lamontagne

Costumes : Anna Lamontagne & Sam Jin Coates

Production of the promotional video : Vincent Gasparini

Alone in the Living Room – Nicole Jacobs | 4:00 pm | Bassin-à-Gravier


Nicole Jacobs creates and performs the acrobatic contemporary solo Alone in the Living Room. When spending too much time in one place, we start to lose touch with our rational selves. The piece invites us to dive into an imaginary world and play with the frontier between reality and illusion. The broken story is expressed through fluid acrobatics and a dynamic and powerful physicality. The audience becomes the performer’s mirror, inviting her to think about her self-image. We are transported to our ever-changing inner selves, in a journey to meet our inner self through our daily experiences.


Nicoles Jacobs


Mentor : Stéphanie Decourteille

Music : Marilou Buron

Lighting : Guillaume Roberts-Cambron

Photographe : David Wong

El kamar bi zaher– Chanel Cheiban | 4:00 pm | Bassin-à-Gravier


El kamar bi zaher is choreographed and performed by Chanel Cheiban. It bridges the various chapters of her life, shaping her quest to find her roots in Lebanon. Meaning “The flowering moon”, El kamar bi zaher symbolizes her inner universe, her sacred feminine side. She wakes up cleansed and freed from her emotional experiences, becoming more mature in the process. Deconstructing taboos and stereotypes about cultural differences, she studies the feeling of powerlessness they bring, especially to Middle-Eastern women. Inspired by Middle Eastern and Arabic culture, El kamar bi zaher criticizes such stereotypes to link them to basic principles. Music, symbols, mysticism, and history all become her way to personify an overwhelming reality.


Chanel Cheiban

Artistic advisor / mentors : Charlie Prince , Stéphanie Decourteille

External eyes : Sofia El Iraki , Rameez Karim, Fatima Terhini, Jade Maya Gabriele et Shanyça Elie le Conte

Music : De.Ville – The love we lost

Oudist, guitarist : Nadine Altounji
Darbuka : Anas Jellouf 
Singing : Najla Jaffel 

Photographe : Étienne de Durocher

Acknowledgment : residence : Circuit-Est / Nyata Nyata / Danses Laurentides /Écotone – Espace d’expérimentation / École de danse contemporaine de Montréal / Espace Ouvert
Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec – vivacité


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