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Outdoor programming – September 12

12 September 2023

On the agenda

3 femmes – Pauline Gervais | 12:30 pm | Place des festivals


Like Picasso’s cubist-like figures, three women dance and stretch their bodies to match the environment that surrounds them. Their limbs intertwine like fluid brushstrokes. They join and separate like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a rhythm that is sometimes frantic, sometimes languorous. In a painting that is both pictorial and animated, these three characters construct and deconstruct themselves, evoking different feminine archetypes. Trois Femmes … An ode to new forms and femininity … Trium Femina


Pauline Gervais, Leah Tremblay,  Sylvia Berman

New creation – Yiannis Tsakalos | 3:30 pm | Jardins Gamelins


DINO – Matthew Quigley | 3:30 pm | Jardins Gamelins


Exploring the prehistoric nature of humanity, DINO features a stoic environment for two performers, equipped with semi-realistic T-Rex masks and work clothes. The piece explores themes of the human condition and greed in today’s society, set to a fusion of chamber music and robotic voice. Inspired by the events that punctuate our daily lives, this piece is a playful yet stoic representation of the world we live in. DINO is at once physical, repetitive and explosive, yet tender and balanced. As the play progresses, characterized by radical shifts in dynamics and tone, the characters reveal themselves more and more through their empathy and vulnerability.


Matthew Quigley, Laura Toma

Music : Nils Peterson (composition), Dorothy Carlos (musician)
Costumes : Matthew Quigley
Photographe : Matthew Quigley


  • Thursday September 12 2023
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Choreographer and Performer
Choreographer & Performer
Choreographer and Performer