Would you like to come see a performance at the Festival? Host a workshop with the choreographer and performers in order to better understand their artistic process!

If you would like to organize a group outing to one of the Quartiers Danses Festival shows, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can welcome you on the day of the show. Every year, we offer two preparatory workshops to willing organizations to promote an understanding of the creative universe of a chosen artist. Depending on the group and the dancer’s schedule, the workshop can take place before or on the same day as the show, either at the organization’s premises or at the show location. The activity is adapted to the realities and needs of the participants

“Very interesting. It helped me to understand this dance. 
Janine L., Alternatives Communautaires d’Habitation et d’Intervention de Milieu (ACHIM)

30 minutes - 1 hour
At the organization's premises or in situ
Free (within the limits of the availability of the artists)
Minimum of 5 participants / Maximum of 20 participants (15 participants for CHSLDs)
Led by an animator, the choreographer, and the dancers