2024 | HER DANCE

Discovering the Quartiers Danses Festival


A 60-minute workshop for women (or in chosen ‘mixity’*), allowing them to explore contemporary dance from a feminist perspective. It’s a space where each participant has the opportunity to take up space, express themselves through movement, and enjoy a moment of well-being. Prioritizing pleasure and sharing, the workshop introduces several feminist artists and offers exercises in body awareness, intuitive movements, and shared dances that encourage authenticity and listening. Both initiation and reappropriation, “Her Dance” strengthens the connection with the body, cycles, and intuition to experience moments of sensitivity, joy, and empowerment through dance!
The workshop is facilitated by a dancer/choreographer and a cultural mediator from the Festival. 


* What is chosen mixity?

It’s a space where cisgender men are not invited. The workshop offers optional duo or group exercises involving physical proximity, which can make us more vulnerable. This chosen diversity aims to consider the different realities and experiences related to gender and to create a space where women, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals can potentially experience a greater sense of security in exploring dance. If necessary, the workshop can be adapted for mixed groups.