Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art

The project

Dancing Contemporary Art

At the end of 2018, the FQD approached Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art with the idea to create a tour merging visual arts and dance. The FQD thus invited a professional dancer to devise movement which would be integated to the Foundation’s guided visits. Tours were then jointly facilitated by an educator from the Foundation and a dancer. The educator introduced the works and the artist, whilst the dancer suggested movements to experiment the exhibition differently.

We have now collaborated on two exhibitions with Phi Foundation. Dancer Kyra Jean Green was first invited to interpret a selection of works from the Jasmins Cibic exhibition Everything that you Desire and Nothing that you Fear. She was then joined by Janelle Hacault on the exhibition Yoko Ono: GROWING FREEDOM.

Emmanuelle Martin and Sara Harton have also delivered dance tours tailored to people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders (ADMI, Club Ami, Purplestars Montréal, Les Muses, Compagnons de Montréal and Centre Au Puits). These visits are particulary well suited for this audience as they favour active and sensitive learning over cognitive learning. Movement captures participants’ attention more effectively than traditional guided tours.

The FQD has also offered three visits to the general public, including one tailored to families. The event Dissections completed the cycle on Yoko Ono. For this occasion, the FQD invited Caï Glover, Janelle Hacault, Édouard Hue and Yurié Tsugawa of Beaver Dam Company to respond to the exhibition. The performances were followed by a short discussion with the artists. This initiative proved very insightful both for FQD and Phi Foundation participants. The project allowed the Foundation’s cultural mediators to view the works alternatively and to enrich their practice. Dancers were stimulated creatively by a multidisciplinary context. Participants stressed the originality of this approach: physical response widened the visual experience, heightening the accessibility of the works.